Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Attractions for Tokyo Disneyland Resort

Tokyo Disneyland Resort has announced another two new attractions for their property. This is coming off the recent addition of the Monsters Inc Hide and Go Seek and Tower of Terror attractions AND the previously announced additions of Turtle Talk at DisneySea and Mickey's PhilharMagic at Tokyo Disneyland!

The latest announcement is that Toy Story Mania! (concept art above) will be added to the New York section of the American Waterfront themed area of the DisneySea park. The ride will open in 2012 and is said to cost over $115 million according to the press release. Looking at the art it seems the New York section of the park will get a makeover as well to include the new ride.

Tokyo Disneyland will also add a Cinderella Castle walk through attraction in 2011 - the same year Philharmagic should open. The attraction will take place inside Cinderella Castle and be similar in concept to the recently reopened Sleeping Castle walk through at Disneyland.

It's wonderful to see Tokyo Disneyland Resort moving on full steam ahead with new attractions!


drew said...

Just a little nitpick, but Tokyo Disneyland is home to Cinderella Castle. The new walkthrough is replacing the old Mystery Tour, which was a bit larger than the compact Disneyland walkthrough.

NewsPlusNotes said...

That's not a nitpick! I totally had the wrong Castle listed. Duh! Thanks for pointing that out!