Monday, May 18, 2009

Wanted: One New Kiddie Coaster Name

Remember this little nugget from our Dorney Park opening day trip report? The kiddie coaster formerly known as "Little Laser" has lost its namesake, and Dorney Park needs your help to give it a fresh new identity! You have until May 31 to submit your suggestions through the Contest Coaster page on the park's web site. The park will then select five name "finalists" and put them up for a public vote which will run from June 5-30. Just don't expect any 15 seconds of fame out of this one--All submissions are anonymous. Your reward is the fact that you have contributed to Dorney Park's illustrious history!

My suggestion? Build a shiny new woodie out there, give it a name, and then call this coaster "Little <insert shiny new woodie name here>". Forget about wood versus steel! It could work...


Ryan said...

I submitted "Smallhawk"