Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ferrari World Abu Dahbi

Sometimes it's hard to tell which Middle Eastern projects are really going to happen and which ones are little more than the wild dreams of developers. In this case, Ferrari World Abu Dahbi is not only going to happen, it's heavily under construction and even has coaster track up!

Above is a rendering of the entire complex, the size of it is really staggering. Put it this way, the length from each of the tips of the roughly triangular building is 2,300 ft. Crazy!

From the official website: "Opening in 2010, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is set to be the world's largest indoor theme park, sitting under a roof designed in the style of a classic double-curve body shell of a Ferrari GT car. With over 20 rides and attractions, including the world's fastest rollercoaster, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is more than a theme park – it is the total Ferrari experience.

Some of the rides and attractions featured at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi include an exhilarating thrill-ride on a 200-foot high (over 60 meters) tower, dual coasters that offer guest riders the chance to race each other to the finish line, as well as a variety of interactive motion and sound theatre experiences."

Now that we're talking rides I bet I've got your attention! Above is a zoomed in section of the above art. This is the worlds-fastest coaster, though I'm not sure who's designing it. Most of the track is already up, here's a press image released a couple weeks ago:

It looks like it'll have a very fast launch and then a lot of big figure 8 turns to burn off all that speed. That track almost looks like Premier track to me, but it's rather hard to tell for sure.

There's also a dual track racing coaster being installed as well which you can see in the snip of the art above. The Theme Park Guy website just updated with plenty of photos of this coaster which has also already been put up. (there's also tons of photos of the first coaster, too)

Here is another press image of the inside of the gigantic structure. This is where all the rides and attractions are going to be built. You can see in the center there is a red tower - that is actually a 60 meter high free fall tower!

The Ferrari World project is part of a greater Yas Island development that is scheduled to include a Warner Brothers theme park and a water park as well. As for what Ferrari World will include, the developer Aldar released this video:

I know it's sorta long but there so much to see in there! In addition to the drop tower and coasters, you can see the "Engine Ride Experience" which looks like a dark boat ride through the engine for a Ferrari - pretty unique. There's also a "History Ride Experience" which looks like another dark ride covering Ferrari's history and a Factory Tour dark ride as well. They also have a "Flying Over Italy" simulator that looks just like the Soarin' attraction found at Disney Parks.

All in all the development is a lot more exciting than I first thought! Can't wait to see more as the project continues to be built.


Anonymous said...

Check out this photo of Expedition Everest's track:


It is hard to tell but the indoor sections of Everest's track (specifically the track that is not raise off of it's backbone) look a lot like the track in your picture.

Could it be the new Vekoma track style?

In any case it looks like quite an amusement park.

Freddy said...

So going to Dubai when I'm older!

Jordan said...

That is definatly Intamin track, plus between the animations of the ride's track, to the fact Intamin is making half the stuff for this place it would make sense to be an intamin.

dwitos079 said...

i heard s&s a while back

Scott and Carol said...

One of the two coasters being built there is a Maurer Sohne LSM. I've also heard S&S is building a coaster overseas somewhere, I just don't remember exactly where.