Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sabrina's Brochure Spotlight: Indiana Beach 1995

It's important to set goals in life. My goal for this week is as follows: Write this entire post without using the phrase "Hoosier Daddy". (Except for just now. That time didn't count.)

The stately Hoosier Hurricane, which wraps about half of Indiana Beach in its warm embrace, was entering its second season of operation in 1995. It's looking very "au naturel" on this brochure cover, as the steel supports had not been painted white yet.

[Hoosier Hurricane = Okay. Hoosier Daddy = Bad. Again, doesn't count. I was merely using the phrase for illustrative purposes.]

Here's a great aerial shot of a boot. OOPS! That's no boot, it's Indiana Beach! It sure does look like a boot though, doesn't it?

No matter how many times I see them, I never get sick of looking at aerial photos of Indiana Beach. They really bring out the unique nature of this traditional park, which is beautifully situated on Lake Shafer.

Indiana Beach welcomed three new water slides in 1995. My suspicion is that they were added in order to give the park license to advertise its water park as "GIANT" in the brochure. Nice move, IB. But the times they are a changin', so you may want to consider designing all future brochures to incorporate the word "GINORMOUS" instead.

[NOTE: In case this isn't blatantly obvious, the two images above go together to form a single GINORMOUS spread. However, I've found that images of that size do not work well in Blogger posts, so you will have to mentally piece them together. I highly recommend the use of your imaginations in this endeavor.]

In addition to the water slides, the Hoosier State's only lakeside park also added a Sky Coaster in 1995. [Hoosier State = Also okay. Hoosier Daddy = Still bad, but still acceptable in this context.] The park's gangly mascot, IB Crow, was a huge fan of this new attraction.

By now you're probably wondering how the heck Indiana Beach managed to squeeze all these attractions into its tiny boot-shaped footprint, and let me tell you it wasn't easy! But if you think this is bad, imagine what it's like today, after three additional coasters and who knows how many other rides have been added. If you're claustrophobic, do not visit this park!

Note Indiana Beach's pricing structure in 1995, which is outlined in great detail here. As I reported earlier this week, the park has made some big changes to this model for 2009.

Indiana Beach's lakeside setting elicits feelings of being one with nature. Thus, it seems fitting to cap off the adventure with a stay at Indiana Beach Camp Resort. Altogether, Indiana Beach is a refuge of water and fresh air amid the miles and MILES and MILES of corn fields you will traverse to get there! By the time you arrive, you may feel compelled to ask a local, "Hoosier farmer?" Just don't ask him or her that other question...