Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Indiana Beach Puts the Kibosh on General Admission Charge

Good news for any non-riders who plan to visit Indiana Beach this summer: The park will be offering free general admission to all patrons in 2009. This marks the first time Indiana Beach has not charged an admission fee since 1972. In the official press release, General Manager John Collins is quoted as stating, "Indiana Beach Resort has always been a number one destination value for families. Having Free Admission again will reinforce that value by letting all members of the family enjoy the park whether they ride our thrill rides or just enjoy a leisurely stroll down our Boardwalk Funway, participate in one of our miniature golf courses, or take a leisurely ride on Lake Shafer aboard the Shafer Queen paddle wheel boat." While the fee was negligible ($2.50 in 2008), it's still nice to see a traditional park return to its roots and make itself freely accessible to the general public.

As for us ride junkies, the better news is that the park has changed its pricing structure and now offers POP passes that are good for the entire day. The previous pricing structure was based on two 7-hour "ride sessions", so in order to ride all day you actually had to purchase two separate POP passes. Not only is the new pricing model much easier on the wallet for those who plan to spend the entire day at Indiana Beach, but it just plain makes more sense!

On a side note, the park's marketing department has finally caught up with reality and modified all Steel Hawg propaganda to boast a 111 degree drop...still the steepest in the U.S., at least!