Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Aerial Antics: Linnanmaki

Linnanmaki, Helsinki, Finland, is a pretty cool amusement park if you ask me. It is owned by the Children's Day Foundation and uses its profits to support their charitable work, all of which benefit the children of the country.

The park opened in 1950 and in the past decade has been adding many unique coasters and rides to their lineup.

For instance, here we have Vonkaputous, a Premier Rides water coaster added in 2001. Remember Buzzsaw Falls at Silver Dollar City before it became Powder Keg? Well this was like it's little cousin. It has a little coaster section after the lift and then a splash down to end the ride. Pretty neat.

Here's another two of the park's roller coasters. On the left is a Mack powered ride, called Pikajuna and added back in 1990. The blue coaster on the right is called Tulireki. It's a Mack ride that's pretty twisted and part of their e-motion series of coasters.

This is the park's Roller Coaster, Vuoristorata, a classic wooden ride dating back to just after the park's opening in 1951. It's a classic and even still uses a brakeman on the back of each train!

Here's another unique one: Linnunrata. Built inside of a former water tower and covered with trees on top! The actual ride inside is a Zierer coaster that takes place in the dark.

The aerials don't have two of the parks' more recent attractions on there either, like Kirnu, an Intamin ZacSpin added in '07, and Salama, a Maurer Sohne spinning ride added just last year.

To see the aerials follow this link to Live Local.