Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good Time Theatre Construction

The last piece of the updates from Dorney Park's opening day are construction photos of the Good Time Theatre. An official opening date has not been released yet, but we should hopefully see shows taking place by early summer.

Here is the view from next to the newly named Good Time Gifts. You can see the general shape of the theatre from this point of view.

And this angle is from the other side of Good Time Gifts. The midway will wrap around the gift shop allowing people to access the theatre from both sides.

Above and the next two shots were taken from the main entrance plaza. These big concrete slabs were prefabricated off site - then it was like giant building blocks!

I haven't seen exactly where guests enter the theatre yet. There's only some places where the concrete doesn't go all the way to the ground though!

Here's one last photo that shows the impressive size of the Good Time Theatre, here it is towering over the admissions plaza. Can't wait to see a show!