Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dorney Park Opening Day Report Pt. 2

Here is the next section of photos from Dorney Park's 2009 opening day, this part deals with changes to rides.

All the signage in the park uses this 125th anniversary logo, which I like many times more than the one they used in the brochures. Here we see the topper for the directional signs in the park - please excuse the bird poo all over this one... should have noticed that before I took the photo.

The Zephyr Railroad got this awesome new sign this year! Very retro in its simple design.

Here's Possessed's new sign. I should say altered sign, because they only had to change the wording, the logo stayed the same.

A closer version for you to enjoy.

Here is the sign they have up for the "Contest Coaster" as it is currently known - this is the former Little Laser. You can read the details on the sign on how to enter you new name for the ride.

Down by Screamworks at the very end of the park the Silly Shack has been removed. This was really just a sort of elaborate play thing like you would find at McDonalds play areas. It was a leftover piece of Chester Cheeto's Playland that was moved when that area closed.

Here's a close up of the sign that's in front of where the Silly Shack was - The Asylum will be taking over Screamworks home as a new Haunt for 2009.

And I noticed that Road Rally got this fancy new sign as well. The park had lots of little changes and improvements like this all over the place!

Next we'll look at Laser's former location.