Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Aerial Antics: Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is one of the oldest amusement parks in the entire world, dating back to 1843 - well over 160 years old and still going strong.

The park is located in busy downtown Copenhagen, Denmark, but still has a beautiful garden feel to it due to it's history as, well, gardens. Gardens became a popular area for people to gather, and when rides gained in popularity it was a natural fit for the park to expand in that direction. Walt Disney visited the park on a trip when planning Disneyland, and is said to have gathered inspiration for aspects of Disneyland from the Gardens.

The park is also known for it's large music hall, seen above. The concert hall seats over 1,600 people is and still one of the premier places to see classical music concerts to this day. But for us ride geeks, you can see the Mack powered coaster swirling around on roof tops above the theatre - that's the Odin Express, and it was added back in '85.

The park has a very unique selection of flat rides for guests as well as coasters. Here we see the park's free fall tower, The Golden Tower, standing over some of the cool flat rides.

Here's the park's big steel coaster, the Demon. It's a B&M Floorless coaster, and one of the manufacturer's shortest rides to date! It has that fancy turn off the lift and into the drop, and still manages three uniquely shaped inversions after that.

This shot covers one of the park's oldest rides, and one of its newest. The tower there isn't the same as the previous photo - that is the park's Star Flyer, basically a really tall Wave Swinger that I want to go on really badly. Behind it is Rutschebanen, which aptly means roller coaster. The classic wooden ride still uses a brakeman to slow the trains, and dates back to 1914.

If you want to surf around and check out the Live Local aerials, click here.


juxtyger said...

nice update!
i really want to go there..it looks very cozy due to its size haha and i'm sure it is very beautiful when visited in real life