Monday, November 10, 2008

Star Trek the Experience @ Neonopolis

At this point even I am starting to wonder why I'm so interested in Star Trek the Experience, but now that I've been following the story for a while I'm not going to abandon it!

It looks like the deal and been done and Star Trek The Experience will be moving to a new home at the Neonopolis 'mall' development located on Fremont street in downtown Las Vegas.

In Business Las Vegas is reporting that the first parts of the experience could open as soon as next year. It sounds like they will bring all that the former experience had to offer to the new location: the restaurant and lounge, gift shop, museum, the 4-D theatre, and the simulators.

The article does mention that the experience will see "significant upgrades," which would really make the experience shine once again.

I think it is great for the attraction to move downtown in Vegas, however, I'm still questioning if it will 'work' down there... time will tell!


JD said...

Hey, Mike! IS there any new news on when the experience will be re-opening?