Thursday, November 20, 2008

Scott And Carol Present - Thursday At IAAPA

Wow, today are going to try to bring you a sense of wonder for the trade floor at IAAPA. Everything is represented, like inflatable attractions for example. They have lots of them. They have enough different ones to equip several state fairs.

Or how about trash cans? These are all manufactured from recycled materials. Produce by Great Lakes Specialty Products, any organization could use them to start their own recycling program and exponentially increase the environmental benefits. Made using Everlasting Lumber, they use the purest of recycled material for enhancing their customers’ image while promoting environmental responsibility.

Haystack Dryers offers an interesting product. Has your group ever gotten off a water ride much wetter than damp? If the sun has retreated behind a cloud, someone in the party will start complaining about the cold. There is room for five in the haystack dryer. With heat lamps and warm dry air, everyone’s comfort level will rise and it could prevent people leaving due to discomfort. This product could extend the season for water rides into the Halloween festivals. You don’t even have to be wet, what if you are enjoying the Christmas lights at Dollywood. If you’re cold, hike over to Thunderhead Gap, put your money in the machine and soak up three and one half minutes of heat.

The team at Explore 5D, consisting of a scientist who studies participative entertainment, and movie director and television producer, and a chief technology officer, have created the amazing Flyboard 5d.

They have analyzed the elements of storytelling and integrated leading edge technology to integrate the guests themselves as part of the show. Instead of just you watching the screen, you have to move your body and that simple act thrusts into the story. Guests interact with each other and each ride becomes a unique experience leading to more re-rides.

The ride vehicle is very different in itself. Instead of pneumatic cylinders, they use pivoting actuators so they can simulate the vibrations of the engine at the same time the plane banks into a turn. With riders standing instead of sitting, the body movements required for balance enhance the visual effects.

Meticulous attention to detail, like incorporating the high definition super widescreen seamlessly into the set, and continuing to research cognitive perception make this a company to watch. If they build an attraction near you, it will be a must see. They have raised the level of storytelling, without losing sight of the fact that everything starts with a good story.

Moser has introduced a smaller model of its Sidewinder. With fewer seats, it is very economical for smaller operations but by watching the looks on the rider’s faces, it appears to be a very satisfying ride experience.

We witnessed one rider stagger slightly as she departed. Good things do come in small packages.

There have been many things written about the new T-Rex Café at Downtown Disney. One thing missing is who actually manufactured the forty foot octopus. The answer, in the form of a question, who is Daddona Studios

Dan Daddona jokes, “There’s no book out there on how to build a 40 foot animatronic octopus.” But that is only the beginning. There is also a twelve foot jellyfish with over a thousand fiber optic points of light. Some of them use light to simulate movement while others are mechanically motivated. Here is a picture of the booth they developed for trade fairs.

If all this has made you thirsty, it’s time for some Alligator Ice. Available in many different flavors, these seemed to taste the best to us of the various vendors at the show. After a few hours of walking the miles of aisles, they had the most refreshing flavors. We tried mainly the strawberry and banana creamy varieties most of the time. Your taster may vary.

So that closes another day, tomorrow we will end our IAAPA coverage visiting the roller coaster suppliers to show what they had to offer.