Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Calling All Elves!

For decades now the Santa Claus Museum along with Santa's Elves Inc. have utilized their task force of Elves to answer letters written to Santa Claus and mailed to the main man at home in Santa Claus, Indiana.

This holiday tradition has grown over the years, and the numbers of letters each year has grown as well. This year, however, word of the letter answering service has spread via the internet and poor Santa Claus is feeling a little overwhelmed it seems!

Patricia Koch, of Holiday Word fame, says "Short and simple, we need more Elves. We need dozens of kind-hearted volunteers with legible handwriting and a belief in Santa to help respond to the letters. The Elves simply read the children’s letters and then, on behalf of Santa, add the child’s name plus a personal “P.S.” to the colorful letters which Santa has already written by hand."

Those interested in volunteering to be Santa’s Elves are asked to call the Santa Claus Museum at 812-937-2687 or email scmcurator@psci.net for more information. The Museum is open Mondays through Saturdays from 8 am to 5 pm CST. Evening and Sunday hours may be arranged as well. The letters, envelopes, red pens, and stamps are all provided at the Museum, along with the good cheer of fellow Elves. As is the tradition, there is no charge for the letters.

This is a wonderful tradition that as Mrs. Koch says, "This is a simple, sweet way to help a child believe in the magic of Santa and the spirit of giving."


Paula said...

We have links to a few news articles involving Mrs. Koch available from the HoliBlog: http://tinyurl.com/HoliBlog.

Happy Thanksgiving! Paula Werne, Holiday World