Thursday, November 6, 2008

Daily Spin 11.6.2008

Sea World Orlando has continued to build Manta at a quick pace. The ride has had a significant amount of new track added since last week. User Not For Sale on the Theme Park Review boards posted some nice photos from yesterday of the construction. Click here to check out all the great photos.

The 2008 ballots for the wood and steel Best Coaster Polls are now available from this website. If you're not familiar, this is probably the most accurate and all inclusive coaster poll out there. It may not be overly user friendly, but it seems harder than it really is. I highly suggest taking the time to participate!

Cedar Fair announced today their company wide results for the first nine months of the year, the third quarter, and the month of October. You can pick through the numbers in the official press release, but largely results for the year are flat or slightly up. Really, for the economy the way it is right now I have to say I think these performance results are great.

A new coaster announcement! Funtown / Splashtown USA in Maine has announced a new Wild Mouse coaster for their 2009 season. It looks like a standard mouse, and it's said that this will replace the park's Galaxy coaster. It may not be enormous but it's a great family ride.

If you haven't been keeping up with the GCI Interns Blog, it's a great time to touch base again. They now have up construction photos from Six Flags Magic Mountain's Terminator, Worlds of Fun's Prowler, and Forellenhof's new wooden coaster as well.

Another item worth checking out is Coaster Image's new gallery for Hard Rock Park. With the park's future in serious jeopardy right now, it's nice for those of us who did not visit this past summer to be able to see an extensive gallery of very nice images of the property.


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You can see Manta's layout at!