Friday, November 21, 2008

Daily Spin 11.21.08

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Prowler at Worlds of Fun continues to get bigger as the park has been working on the ride's first drop as seen in these beautiful new photos from That first drop looks great! So much of this ride is low to the ground, I can't wait for spring and photos and video of the completed coaster.

Canada's La Ronde theme park will bring The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, live! to the park next year. For a limited time during the summer, the attraction will be set up at the park. From it's description it sounds best described as a travelling interactive haunted house of sorts. Certainly sounds interesting at this point.
More news about the bids that are going in for the Busch Entertainment Parks has started to come out. Merlin Entertainments Group has now talked publicly about their interest in the park, and Parques Reunidos is also in the picture. Cedar Fair, however, is not - the Busch parks are simply too expensive for them.

Disneyland's It's A Small World has reopened after being down for almost a year for some major refurbishments. Right now it's the holiday version of the attraction, and guests won't see the big changes, like the addition of Disney characters, until the ride reopens again in the new year after the holiday theme is removed.

Universal Insider has some photos from Knott's Berry Farm that show the park tearing down the Peanuts Playhouse attraction in the park's Camp Snoopy area. What Knott's has up their sleeve for the area I do not know. I do hope it fits in with the tranquil, shady area that Camp Snoopy is, though.

Dorney Park has placed the official press release for the Good Time Theater featuring Snoopy Rocks On Ice on their website. It sounds like in addition to the theater the midways in that area of the park should be redone nicely as well.