Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Log Flume Bites The Dust?

It appears that way at this point - Carowinds' Log Flume, currently known as the Wild Thornberrys River Adventure, very well may have given it's last ride this past weekend when the park closed for the year.

But there is good news that comes from the demise of the park's log flume! Yes, while it is only a rumor at this point, signs are pointing toward there being a lot of activity in the area the log flume occupied next summer. Yes, this sounds like it might be similar to the construction we saw at Canada's Wonderland during 2007, and Kings Island this past summer.

In case it goes away, here's the ride's info page from Carowinds' website:

Change is good people, very good sometimes.


DrewJ said...

I think a good new ride would benefit Carowinds greatly. I hope it would give them a reason to stay open till at least 10pm. I wouldn't like to leave the park before the sun really sets, because that is what an amusement park is really about.

Chris said...

They closed two of the park's most popular water rides in the same year? I really hope there is a plan to replace them; Cedar fair does realize this park is located in the hot, humid south, right?