Friday, November 21, 2008

Laser Is Almost Gone

Here is what is left of Laser at Dorney Park as of this afternoon:

Not much, eh? Looks like about 1/4 of the 2nd loop and bits and pieces of the first helix are all that are still standing.

A wider view, the skyline at Dorney has once again changed, but this time something is gone, not added.

Track pieces are being loaded onto trucks as soon as they are taken down.

Close up of the bits that are still there. I'd look for the ride to be totally down in a couple days!


Thomas said...

Hello, my Name is thomas.
I'am from Germany.
There are many coasterfans who count the days when laser is back Home.
He will be build at Citys like.
Munic (Oktoberfest)
Hamburg (Dom)
Herne near Gelsenkirchen/Schalke (Cranger Kirmes)

We Need the Laser because the most famos German Coaster Eurostar

Has been sold to Moskow.

Sorry about my English
By Thomas