Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dorney Park Laser Coming Down

Laser at Dorney Park has started to come down already. These photos were taken very early this morning, meaning they only reflect the work done yesterday, the 10th.

The crest of the lift hill, and the track piece before that were removed. Also the stairs on those pieces.

The track pieces 'sat' on the supports on what reminds me of pegs, at least on the lift hill.

In the larger version of this one you can see the pegs that I'm speaking of that the track fit onto.

I'm sure that deconstruction will go quick, I'll try to keep updated...


Jordan Maziarka said...

I hope it goes fast its designed to be portal so if it isn't taken down fast then it would technically be considered fail for the deconstruction crew.

linearinduction said...

Fire Dragon at Lagoon was Designed to Be Torn Down and Erected in 72 Hours. But that is with an Experienced Crew on the Fair Circuit. Also, considering this Transportable Coaster has been Stationary for so Long, it makes sense that they would take care when tearing it down.