Sunday, December 10, 2006

Steel Force Construction Diary #1

Steel Force celebrates it's 10th Birthday this year, (11th season, though) which is a nice milestone for the ride. When Steel Force at Dorney Park was being built I was a total spaz about new rides and took a lot, really a ton, of pictures of it being built. I figured that it would be interesting to share a much condensed version of this 'photo diary.' That said, there's only one place to start, and that's the beginning.

At the end of the 1996 season, this sign was put out in the park. It was located (obviously) in front of the Carousel at the main entrance. I know the detail of the stats doesn't come through clear enough, but the layout does. I like the slogan "A Coaster To Metal With!!" - I know they used it some in the first year but it seemed to trail off after that.
This view is from August, 1996. As you can see they started to demolish the picnic groves that used to sit along the lake here. You can also see the lake that was here, now where Revolution and some overflow parking now stands. The tires are in the water because the Swan Boats had a season here before being moved over to the other side of the park. The area that eventually became Steel Force's station was some employee parking.
This view is from October, 1996. You can see that not much more demolition took place, however, you see that white stuff sitting behind the trees, next to the lake? Yes, that's track! The first track arrived at the park in October, and was not painted its final color. There's a fun fact for ya!

You like? let me dig out some more photos!