Monday, December 4, 2006

My MGM Adventures 1997 Map

I dug up the map from my visit to MGM Grand Adventures in late summer of 1997.

Click Image > for a much larger image.

As you can see, they had already removed about half the park when I went. You can see the coaster in its outdoor location, before it was expanded. The river rapids takes up a lot of the park, and the log flume took up the back right corner. The "Haunted Mine" ride building was to the right of SkyScreamer, still standing, but they closed the ride when they closed that half of the park.

I love how the themed "streets" are like microsized. I've never seen themed areas that small!

There was also a Chaos and Zipper flat ride here when I visited, which was a last ditch attempt by the park to become interesting. They did not make the map, it appears.

More on the park coming soon...


EricMontreal22 said...

Hey great blog--I stumbled onto it cuz I'm likewise fascinated by the MGM Grand--it just seemed so ambitious to open a park of almost exclusively Universal/Disney style rides (I still think of Six Flags as more a "pseudo theme park") and that it failed so quickly. I wish some of the rides were full taped. I was still stuck in Canada when it opened and only 12 btu I remember reading about it and sorta thinking it was MGM trying to do their own smaller version of the Disney MGM studios that had just opened

Anyway I found this a review/press piece when it opened from Variety--hope it's of some interest. Keep up the good work man