Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Son of Beast Under the Knife

Kings Island finally revealed today that the rumors were true, they are removing the loop from Son of Beast.

Why is this happening? Well, simply put: Cedar Fair. And no, this isn't a Cedar Fair Ruins All Wood Coasters rant - in this case I actually think CF made a good decision.

I've never been on the ride but the general consensus was that it was rough - too rough. The park plans to use "lighter" trains (PTCs?) which will make the ride bearable. The trains that Premier Rides created were probably a mistake from the start, but necessary because of this loop.

The reason I think Cedar Fair made a good decision was because let's be honest: they hate big wooden coasters. Mean Streak has been a $ pit for maintenance since it opened, and Hercules took them to the point of deciding to tear it down.

The way I look at it, they could be using GCII (rumored) to fix the ride and get some new trains, or it could be torn down. In this case, I'm glad they kept the thing standing.