Saturday, December 9, 2006

Geauga Lake Before and After

I wanted to have some more thoughts or news or maybe even notes up on Geauga Lake by now, but it's a large topic to start to cover. In the meantime, I noticed that Windows Live Local has both old and new photos of Geauga Lake up. I love how you can get a great comparison of the old Sea World park that is now a water park.
Here we have the old. You can see the Water Ski stadium, which is a good point of comparison as it is still standing. I really like how they used the Dolphin pool and made it a part of the lazy river/activity area. Sometimes water parks are too generic and bits like that made the park unique.
And here we have the new. You can get a good idea here of how many buildings they cleared out when building the water park. The wave pool is not featured in these pictures, but is located to the bottom right of this view. The coolest thing about this water park is the vast room they have to expand, if necessary.

I'm updating this post because I realized I had pics of the wave pool and old stadiums part of the park. Above you can see the park currently, this was taken winter of '05-'06 as the wave pool is under construction. The wave pool sits almost exactly where the Sea Otter Stadium was, and the Shamu stadium is now a pile of dirt on the hillside. The other park buildings over in this corner are still standing.

Okay here's the old version. You can see the stadium that is now a wave pool, and Shamu's stadium still standing. Also a lot more trees and building are still standing. It's not the exact same view as above but is pretty much as good could I could grab.