Saturday, December 9, 2006

Dorney Park 2007 Season Update #1

I'd like to cover the changes that Dorney Park has planned for the 2007 by providing some pictures and my take on what they contain. Being local to the park helps greatly with this. Let's kick things off with a batch of photos, they are all from 12.06.06.

Thus far the highlights of the 2007 season have been rumored to be a new addition to Wildwater Kingdom, and some rather large changes to the parking lot and parking lot entrance areas.

First, Screamscape is reporting a rumor that Laser will see some work this off-season. I'd love that to be true, and if it is they certainly haven't started yet. I can't see any discernible changes on the ride. It's early though, we shall see.
This parking toll booth can be found in the corner of the overflow lot. It appears to be one of the old ones, but the five located in the main lot are still standing. Regardless, I'm curious to see where this ends up. I doubt it is for the overflow lot specifically, as traffic flows through the main lot and their toll booths and then into the overflow lot via the tunnel. Again, time will tell at this point.

This is a view of the area that has a good possibility of turning into additional parking next year. I don't know this for sure, but from what I've heard they want to use a lot of the area down here as more formal parking. I do not believe that they intend to pave the area, just use one of those small stone treatments to get the job done. Regardless, no work yet.
The entrance road. This is supposed to be widened and the parking toll booths are supposed to be moved onto it. Yes, that means they are cutting into the park to accomplish this. Also looks like they haven't started yet.
Lastly, let's look over at Wildwater Kingdom. Notice something missing? It may be no secret at this point, but the Torpedo Tubes are gone. This is the area (not exactly in the Torpedo Tubes footprint though) that the new attraction will be placed.

That's all for now!