Monday, December 18, 2006

Jazzland Memories

To honor what I believe is the first of the (many to come) nails in the coffin of Six Flags New Orleans - which is the taking apart of Batman the Ride - here's some stuff of mine that I found. It's from 2001, the second year the park was open. Obviously, since it was still Jazzland, this is before Six Flags came in and attempted to keep the park from failing (which it was, at that point).

Here's the brochure:
That's the cover... see the park is Thrill Tested and Family Proven (in a year?!)

Here's where the fun starts: First, they list a Chute-the-Chutes as a "high velocity water craft launch." WHAT does that even mean? Moving on, apparently when kids meet a person in a raccoon suit, it rates a 9.5 on the thrill factor, and even involves the material "soft fur." And to finish with a bang, the prototype for the "dizzy lizzy" came from Roswell, NM! Ahem.

And here's the inside of the thing. Instead of making jokes at the former park's expense... click on it for a really big version and read these gems for yourself!

And last, but not least, here's the map of the park. I like this especially because it's the park as built - not as attacked by Six Flags (my opinion, of course). Hope you enjoyed!


Unknown said...

THANKS FOR THIS POST! YOU ROCK! I am proud of you and this post.