Sunday, December 10, 2006

More Grand Adventures

EBay sure is fun! I found this guide map from MGM Grand Adventures that was from June of 1994 and it was a steal. This is shortly after the park opened, so it had not been butchered at all at this point. Here's the map:
The map has some nice detail on it, certainly when compared to the map I posted earlier. Here you can see Lightning Bolt still indoors, some details of the theming that was on the Backlot River Tour, and the Haunted Mine. Deep Earth Exploration was still listed as a coming attraction at this point.
The above is the Rides section of the guide map. I know it isn't the most exciting of things, but it's neat to see the original logos of these things as well as the small backstory / info that is provided for each. I also love how Lightning Bolt provides you a trip "through Las Vegas at Night" - apparently this was a small blacklight model of the strip that was along the brake run!

One more little gem: here's a post card that shows some of the concept art of the park that was used. There's lot of interesting detail in here, I'll let it speak for itself.