Saturday, December 30, 2006

Orlando 1979

Here's another two images from the family trip to Orlando in the summer of 1979. This time we're moving out of Disney World and seeing what else is around.

It's Sea World! Where's Journey to Atlantis? Where's .... the rest of the park? I had no idea how much this park has expanded over the past two and a half decades. There's a whole other half of the park located now on the other side of the lake in the photo above. And there's even more rides and such behind the stadium in the bottom of the photo.

And here's the big water park of the time - Wet'nWild. It's gigantic now compared to the park in this photo. Kamikaze was the big new slide of the time. Well, honestly, theres not much in the way of slides to speak of at the park back then! They did have GoKarts, though.

I mean, look at the park now!