Sunday, December 24, 2006

Dorney 2008

I've haven't seen the Morning Call be this interested in what Dorney is up to in years. Back in the day they would have articles about most everything the park was up to, in the past five years they've covered almost nothing.

I remember that even the Hydra announcement got a weird article in the business section. When Talon and Steel force were announced/being built, both rides had double full page graphics and photos, it was awesome.

Anyway, the paper seems to have taken an interest once more, as they have published a rather large article about the possibility of the park adding a wooden coaster in 2008.

It's a nice read, not really full of any information or facts we didn't already know, but still. Maybe they'll continue to follow this story through the rest of '07.

Also, please note, the link above for the article probably will only last so long, after that, tough cookies!