Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dorney Park 2007 Season Update #2

There's still not a lot going on at the park, but I snapped some new photos because I wanted to provide some more factual information along with the images. These photos are from 12.17.06.

I noticed this small crane by Steel Force's station today. They're probably removing the last of the trains for winter maintenance or something along those lines.

Here's another general view of the area that is to become parking. Notice that the last house that was down here is still standing. I'd like to note that at the planning commission meeting for these improvements the park stated that they are "considering" a second entrance to the park down here.

Here is a snap of the field that is beyond the overflow lot and the house in the photo above. (use Steel Force's lift beyond the trees as reference) The only reason I took a pic of this is because earlier in the season there was an orange flag marker located here. This area is used for parking on really busy days, only a couple times a year.

One other random view of the area. Some of these are being included in large part to have reference photos for after the area is changed. I wish (as they had first planned like 10 years ago) that Lincoln Ave. would be changed into park entrance ONLY. Then, the little road that runs along the overflow lot (it currently runs up toward Hamilton then stops) would be reopened and used to bypass the parking area. Here's what I mean:
As you can see, Lincoln Ave. could be used to feed the park - and the park ONLY. If they used that old road they would allow traffic to pass through to Ashley Development's new office and the old folk's home and everything else back there. Sadly, as of now there are "no concrete plans for the realignment of the Dorney Park/Lincoln Ave. intersection." This info is also from a recent planning commission meeting.

Well anyway, that's all for this week. I hope they start to do some work soon!