Friday, September 1, 2017

World's Tallest Pendulum Ride + New Themed Area Arriving at Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2018

Fresh off the heels of announcing that the theme park will be open 365 days a year starting January 1st, 2018, Six Flags Magic Mountain has now announced new additions for the coming season.

New in 2018 will be CraZanity, the world's tallest pendulum ride, which will be located in an all new themed area called The Boardwalk.  The redeveloped section of the park will also contain existing attractions such as the bumper cars and scrambler.

© Six Flags Magic Mountain
CraZanity will go up on the site of the old Metro station, across the midway from the Tidal Wave splash ride.  The ride will seat 40 passengers per cycle, and they will swing up at a maximum height of 172 feet, which is really massive if you think about it.  That's significantly taller than most traditional roller coasters!  The ride will also swing at speeds of around 75 miles per hour, so this is really a solid thrill ride being added to the park.

© Six Flags Magic Mountain
The Boardwalk themed area can be seen here, containing totally redeveloped midway areas that are themed to create a new "wow zone" as the park calls them.  There will be plenty of games and bright colors to make the area reminiscent of a classic beach side amusement park.  The bumper cars will be refurbished to give a more open ride experience, and attractions such as the Scrambler and Tidal Wave will also be prettied up.  Johnny Rockets will see improvements, and other new food and beverage offerings will come online as well.

“The new CraZanity is a mash up of craziness and insane fun, an experience different from anything else we have in our unparalleled thrill ride arsenal. We are delighted to introduce what will be the centerpiece of a newly themed Boardwalk area, and another world-record attraction,” says Park President Bonnie Sherman Weber.

Between the new ride and 365 day a year operations, Six Flags Magic Mountain is certainly looking to move into the next category of theme park!