Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sesame Place Planning "Biggest, Grouchiest" Ride for 2018 Season

© Sesame Place
Sesame Place, located in Langhorne, PA, posted a teaser today on social media about an upcoming announcement for a new ride opening in 2018.  The teaser hasn't said just what kind of ride, but does promise that it will be the park's "biggest, grouchiest" ride yet.  Oscar the Grouch does appear at the very end of the video, seen above, so I'm sure it's a safe bet to say that it will be themed around him.

The other hints in the video come from the text that appears, including "get ready to BUCKLE UP... and hold on TIGHT!"  The text then zooms off the screen, leaving a trail of what looks like exhaust as a car horn beeps.

So... we have the "biggest" ride the park has done yet, if I'm taking that on face value correctly, which means larger than Vapor Trail, a custom family Vekoma coaster added back in 1998.  That ride is actually pretty big for a children's coaster, 1,300 feet long with an elevation change of 56 feet.  Some parts of the hint do make me think that this will be a coaster, but you never know.  If it is, and it's larger than Vapor Trail, then I will be quite impressed.

Another way to go with this would be to focus on the car themes that can be picked up.  Perhaps it will be some sort of junior driving attraction, perhaps even along the lines of the ones at the Legoland parks?  They are pretty big, but not really something that I would start to market as the biggest the park has done.  Not enough bang for the buck on that one, to me at least.

Perhaps we will have additional clues leading up to the September 20th announcement, revealing more about the 2018 expansion.  Until then, check out the full teaser video below.

One other note about the park that I found interesting, the web address for the park's site:

We know that SeaWorld Entertainment is planning a 2nd Sesame Place park to open by 2021, and from the last earnings call it seems they already picked a location.  It seems from the way the company has made the web address that they're gearing up to reveal that soon, with another market listed in the directory replacing Philadelphia.  Can't wait to see where the next park will go!