Sunday, September 3, 2017

New Thrill RIdes, Coasters, Themed Lands and More Headed to Several Six Flags Parks Next Season

© The Great Escape
Rounding out the rest of the Six Flags announcements from the end of this past week, up first is a new spinning thrill ride for The Great Escape.  Named Pandemonium, the new ride will seat 24 rides per cycle, each seating facing outward in a giant circle.  The center of the ride will rise up as it spins, and once at full height the center arm will also spin as well.  The result is a mix or disorienting fun that includes moments of low gravity.

Pandemonium looks to be one of Chance Rides' Freestyle attractions, which are popular at many traveling fairs but not often installed at permanent parks.  It also comes with a fantastic light package that really makes the ride shine at night.  Pandemonium will be installed in the park's Alpine Fest area, near the Screaming Eagles ride.

© Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America will be adding the tallest Larson Giant Loop yet created in 2018, standing 100 feet tall.  The attraction was announced without a name, so that is still forthcoming.

Previous models of the Giant Loop rides that were installed at Six Flags parks stand 72 feet tall, so just less than 30 feet has been added for the version at Six Flags Great America.

Like with the other rides, one train will seat riders face to face as it moves through the giant loop both forwards and backwards.  The ride cycle features moments at the top of the loop where the train slows so that passengers experience some nice hang-time.

© La Ronde
The 2018 season at Canada's La Ronde will be focused on families with the addition of a new themed area, named Carnaval En Folie.  The festive carnival-like atmosphere will feature "rich, bright colors, dazzling lights, festive music, and crackling popcorn" - not to mention three new rides that the entire family can enjoy together.

The first ride is named Torsade, a classic Tilt-a-Whirl, next up is Petitie Roue which is a smaller sized Ferris wheel, and finally Tourbillon, a scrambler.  La Ronde plans to have the new themed area ready to open along with the park at the start of the 2018 season.

Last, but not least, we have the addition of the Wonder Woman Coaster for Six Flags Mexico.  The ride will be one of S&S Worldwide's 4D Free Fly roller coasters, the 6th in the Six Flags chain, featuring individual cars that move along a multi-level layout.  Riders are treated to several flips while on the ride, controlled by a bit of both gravity and magnets placed along the track.

The nature of the ride means that no two trips on the Wonder Woman coaster will be exactly the same.  Six Flags Mexico released this preview video of the coaster in action, note the nice new color scheme that the ride will have!