Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cedar Point's New Steel Vengeance Hits the 205 Foot Mark!

© Cedar Point
Fans of Cedar Point have been following the construction of Steel Vengeance for just about one year now, and today the hyper-hybrid coaster hit a major milestone when the highest pieces of track were installed, bringing it to its full 205 foot height.

The event now lets us see just what the apex of the massive coaster looks like, even though we had virtual concept art to satisfy us previously.  If you look closely at the image above you can see how quickly the track will continue to curve toward the ground until it hits a full 90 degrees going down the 200 foot first drop.

To document the excitement of the day the park released this quick video, showing some fantastic drone footage of the highest pieces going into place.

Earlier in the week Cedar Point published a new blog post giving readers an update on Steel Vengeance's progress - note that they reported at the time that the track was 95% complete with just the top of the lift hill and first drop to be installed.  Obviously that percentage jumped up even higher today with the topping of the ride.

© Cedar Point
Along with the construction update came some photos of Steel Vengeance's lower layout, which is mostly obscured by the thick forest of wooden structure.  This insane overbanked turn takes place near the very end of the ride, after the coaster's 4th inversion.  Rocky Mountain Construction designs are known for their wicked looking elements, and those found on Steel Vengeance look to push the boundaries even further.  Make sure to stop by Cedar Point's blog for more photos and news.