Sunday, September 10, 2017

Aerial Antics - New for 2017 Projects at Various Parks

It has been quite a long time since I've done an Aerial Antics post, but I recently was buzzing around Google's aerial maps and noticed that some new-for-2017 attractions were already featured.  To that end, I thought it would be neat to look at some before & afters of several projects.

Worlds of Fun took on a massive new entrance project for 2017, along with adding two 'classic' flat rides.  The new entrance project also included a large new catering facility as well.  There's a lot to compare in these images, but you can see in the upper right that a former junk yard of sorts became the catering area.  The main entrance received all new gates and different positioning, and the area beyond it is totally reimagined.  Where there used to be a couple buildings there is now a large open space meant for gathering and able to be used for performances.  Large walkways lead down a hill to it, then the rest of the area then blends into the existing park.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom added a brand new spinning pendulum ride, Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth.  It can be seen added to the North of Superman Ultimate Flight.  The ride is pretty shoehorned in, but still is able to swing out almost over the entrance to the park, and then opposite toward Superman's station.

You'll also note that I used a bit older "before" aerial to include Roar's transformation into the RMC'd Joker coaster.  You can follow the layouts and see that while they are similar, there are some notable changes in the new steel track version of the ride.

Kings Island added a large new coaster for 2017, the wooden ride named Mystic Timbers that was created by Great Coasters International.  The ride stretches out over the park's river rapids ride, into a heavily wooded area.  The park was able to keep many trees around the coaster when it was built; take notice that the 'after' photo here was in the spring when the trees did not have their leaves yet.  If it had been taken in the summer much less of the ride would be visible.

Finally, Six Flags Over Georgia redeveloped a section of the park to make room for the instillation of a Justice League themed dark ride.  The park had to remove their bumper car building and change some of the adjacent game stands to get the building to fit.  That allowed not only the building needed for the ride to fit, but also the large Justice League themed entrance plaza to be formed.  You can see the decorative pavement for that area in the after photo very clearly.