Friday, September 1, 2017

Large New Waterpark Attractions Opening at Two Six Flags Parks in 2018

Six Flags America's water park, named Hurricane Harbor, has announced the addition of Wahoo River in 2018, a brand new lazy river attraction.

The park will totally demolish and remove their existing lazy river, named Castaway Creek, in order to bring the "action-packed" Wahoo River to life.  The park has spent the better part of the last week teasing fans about what attraction would be removed, and now we know that the old lazy river will bite the dust, however a much more modern one will replace it.

© Six Flags America
The new Wahoo River will will feature a zero depth entry so that guests can comfortably board their tubes for their adventure.  The physical river itself will be up to 18 feet wide, which is 33% wider than the old attraction, and Wahoo River will also be 40% longer as well.

The course will have "seven different water action zones with sprays, geysers, waves, waterfalls, leaky pipes, aqua arches and bucket dumps" among the interactive features.  There will also be a wave generator that "pulses waves every few seconds propelling guests down the water channel," and other features such as "even more surprises behind the rock waterfall, leaky pipes and under the leaky bridge waterworks."

The addition will also include 2,500 square feet of new deck space with hundreds of new lounge chairs.

A new hybird water slide named Typhoon Twister has been announced for Six Flags St. Louis' water park, Hurricane Harbor, for their 2018 season.  The mega-slide combines two different popular water slide styles into one attraction that visitors can take on in 4-seater rafts.

© Six Flags St. Louis
The slide will be similar to one that opened at another Six Flags park a few years ago, seen above.  The ride starts with an enclosed 125 foot long slide through an enclosed tube into a giant vortex, where the rafts spin around and around.

Once they slow they are pulled down through the center an experience a 54 foot drop down into a 45 foot tall vertical wave that the rafts slide up until gravity pulls them back down, giving a weightless feeling.  The rafts then slide through an exit shoot to the end of the ride.

"For 2018, Six Flags leads the way in innovation again as Typhoon Twister is unlike any other water attraction, giving riders two completely different thrill experiences in one very intense slide,” said Park President Pete Carmichael. “This one-of-a-kind experience is another big reason why our guests will want to enjoy both the water park and the theme park during their visits next year."

© Waterworld Concord
The most recent addition to the Six Flags family, Waterworld Concord, located not too far from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, will build Splashwater Island for 2018.

"The new Splashwater Island is a mammoth, multi-level play structure with tons of water features covering almost 8,000 square feet to keep families entertained all summer long.  Guests will climb up ladders, splash down 600 feet of open and enclosed slides, and navigate a maze of varying platforms and net structures.  Guests will stay cool by playing under waterfalls, spouting geysers and spraying fountains.  A super-sized tipping bucket sits atop the huge play structure dumping water on everyone standing underneath."

Other changes to the park include incorporating the park's existing Tornado slide into the entrance area of Splashwater Island, adding new deck space, private cabanas and even new restrooms.