Sunday, September 24, 2017

Time Traveler's Track Now Complete at Silver Dollar City

© Silver Dollar City
That was quick!  Just five or so weeks after the official announcement of Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City, the park has already finished all the track and supports for the record breaking spinning roller coaster.

The park released photos of the event of placing the final piece of track, which looks to be a part of the transfer track for the coaster.  You can see it being carefully lifted into place in the photo up top, with the giant coaster station located under it.

© Silver Dollar City
And here is a look at the final piece sitting in place, just outside the station and with the final stretch of track surrounding it. 

Time Traveler, designed by Mack Rides, will be the steepest, fastest and tallest complete circuit spinning roller coaster when it opens in 2018.  Most of the ride's track is located within a deep valley in the park, so it is not easy to get photos of the completed track just yet.  However, you can see some other recent photos over on MidwestInfoGuide via this link.

The experience will start with a vertical drop right out of the station, then the twisted layout will feature two separate launches, several inversions and other unique elements.