Thursday, August 31, 2017

Unique Three-Axis Spinning Thrill Ride Opening at Two Six Flags Parks in 2018

© Six Flags Great Adventure
A brand new thrill ride, unlike any that's been seen yet in all of North America, will debut next year at both Six Flags Great Adventure and Six Flags Over Texas.  Known as Cyborg Cyber Spin at Six Flags Great Adventure and as Harley Quinn Spinsanity at Six Flags Over Texas, these massive rides are not for the faint of heart.

The attractions are being manufactured by ABC Rides, who lists the trade name of the ride as Tourbillon.  I had never even heard of this type of ride before, so this is certainly going to be unlike anything park visitors have even encountered before!

© Six Flags Over Texas
Riders sit in two long rows of 12, back to back, with their feet dangling along a large ride carriage.  As the ride begins the main arm lifts up to a height of 70 feet, and the center 'box' starts to flip as it rotates.  Before long the other other 'box' supports also start to rotate, and in the end there's three different axes of rotation going on like a giant gyroscope.  It's pretty wild to see, and no doubt these rides will be most impressive in person.

This video, of the Cyborg Cyber Spin at Six Flags Great Adventure, makes understanding how the ride will work a lot easier than via text.  The rides will each have a spectacular lighting package, with colors added to each of the supports - just viewing them in operation at night will be an experience in itself!

At Six Flags Over Texas Harley Quinn Spinsanity will be located in the recently developed Gotham City themed area, next to the Joker roller coaster that opened this year.  Six Flags Great Adventure will build the rides in the Metropolis themed section that opened this year along with the Justice League attraction.