Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Toverland's New Expansion Will Include Custom Designed B&M Wing Coaster

© Toverland
Toverland, located in the Netherlands, has released details on its massive 2018 expansion, a new themed area named Avalon.  The land will be themed around the classic Celtic story of King Arthur, the wizard Merlin and their legendary magical sword Exalibur.

The development, seen above in its entirety, will include a new restaurant along with a slow moving boat ride named Merlin's Quest.

The most interesting addition to Avalon will be a custom designed B&M Wing coaster, named Fenix.

© Toverland
The ride's name parallels that of the famous phoenix, which rises from its own ashes to soar across the sky.  The coaster's trains, seen above, will feature phoenix detailing with bright oranges and reds in contract to the bright blue track and brown supports.

The ride will start with a lift to 131 feet above the ground, where trains will turn 90 degrees to the right before slowly inverting and dropping down toward the ground at almost 60 miles per hour.  The 2,667 foot long layout then features a speed bump over Avalon's central waterway, and into an Immelmann inversion.  A helix follows that, with a large heartline roll crossing back over the water.  A few final turns will point the train back to the station.

© Toverland
As with Toverland tradition, the entire Avalon land will be highly themed, along with both the boat ride and Fenix's queue and station - a drawing of that is seen here.  Each of the coaster's two, six-row trains (24 riders in total) will depart from this mysterious location.

For more on Toverland's Avalon expansion, stay tuned to the park's dedicated website, and check out the special Fenix teaser below.