Saturday, September 9, 2017

Cedar Point Adding New Haunted Attractions for Upcoming Haunt at HalloWeekends

© Cedar Point
This year's Haunt at HalloWeekends will be bigger and better than ever before, giving visitors to Cedar Point several new attractions to check out along with their favorite thrill rides.

The event will feature a total of 12 Haunted attractions, including six haunted houses and six outdoor scare zones.  This is paired with tons of special live entertainment and park decorations, giving a spooky feeling to Cedar Point once the sun goes down.  Visitors will be in awe of more than 1,000 glowing carved pumpkins along the Top Thrill Dragster midway, and enjoy shows such as Eternal Jamnation and Midnight Syndicate Live.

© Cedar Point
New this year are two haunted houses and one scare zone.  Deprivation: No Way Out is a new house that takes place in total darkness, confusing visitors and playing on their sense of claustrophobia.  The second new haunted house is named Fearground Freakshow.  This one carries a theme of a trip into a very demented version of the traditional carnival freakshow, hosted by Professor Von Fleece and his group of... well... freaks.  The new outdoor scare zone is titled Harvest Fear, which is a set in a historical town's annual Harvest Festival, which turns decidedly ugly once the sun goes down.  The park mentions ghouls dressed as "turn of the century costumed children" - how creepy!

Cedar Point is also experimenting with adding some other 'bonuses' to existing rides for HalloWeekends.  For instance, the Cedar Creek Mine Ride will temporarily become the Cedar Creek Mystic Mine Ride, with spooky theming added in the sheds at both the start and end of the ride.