Monday, June 29, 2015

A Small Dorney Park Early-Summer Park Update

With July, aka the busy season, just around the corner, Dorney Park has started its long stride into the Summer months.  Unfortunately the weather wasn't so great this weekend, as Saturday felt more like a late September day rather than one in late June.  Plus it poured all day.

Still, thankfully Sunday the skies cleared (some) so I decided to make the harrowing six mile drive over to take a stroll through the park.

This big sign is positioned on one of the entrance buildings, and I think it's a wonderful idea.  It's pretty clearly a corporate initiative, so I would think these are probably at all the parks.  Still, it is great to recognize employees that are going above and beyond.  Also note the new Cedar Fair logo used in the bottom.

June has been Lemonade Days at Dorney Park, a series of fundraisers aimed at benefiting the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.  There have been several events held during the month, and this giant sign out front shows the progress to date.  Wonderful work so far!  This weekend was one last event that benefits the cause, so we will expect to see the final total raised soon.

I stopped by the former site of Hang Time to see if anything has changed, and it is still a sea of mulch.  Interesting that no landscaping went in, perhaps there is a plan for the spot.  Or maybe not!  After noting no changes I ignored it and snapped this nice shot of Thunder Canyon.

I like this change - the hill in front of Hydra's cobra roll has received a nice landscaping update.  It is pretty obvious from the photo what that is!  I don't really remember just what was on this hill before, but that probably means it wasn't much of anything.  A nice touch by the park's landscaping team.

Down at the park's former go-kart track there has been some activity.  It is quite hard to see from inside the park, so this is the best I could do.  You can see the area from Steel Force as well - but I don't do photos on rides.  Anyway, since it's already a pretty nice concrete path and was previously used for a Haunt, perhaps something along those lines is underway?

Here is something else that I believe will be for this year's Haunt.  The park was approved to build a new structure in this area months ago, and initial work for it is underway.  It's been a while since we've seen those flag markers in the ground at Dorney, so it was exciting for a moment.  However, this will be a building that will house a Haunt, I believe, wedged in between employee parking and Steel Force.

Earlier I mentioned one last event as part of Lemonade Days, and that was the Ribs 'n' Rides BBQ Festival.  The open field by Steel Force, occasionally used for parking, was filled with tents and cooking areas for those competing in the cook off.  Guests could purchase BBQ Bucks and then try a sample from the many vendors.  As you can guess the entire area surrounding Steel Force smelled heavenly.

I also noticed one more sign that I didn't see on my first Zephyr ride earlier this Spring.  This one pays tribute to some of the park's former rides - another nice touch!

I feel like I was one of the last humans not to have a personalized can of Coke, but finally today that changed.  The Share a Coke truck was at the park, allowing guests to get two personalized cans free of charge.  I won't reveal what names I got on mine!

Finally, I had another lunch at the new Smokehouse Barbecue restaurant today, and I have to urge visitors to check it out while at the park.  We may not be talking about Dollywood level of food here, but this is far beyond what has been offered at Dorney previously!

That's it for now, stay tuned for more updates at the season rolls on.


John Brooks said...

Interestingly enough, I was to Dorney Park for my first time last Wednesday and Thursday (June 24th & June 25th). The park was beautiful and clean, the staff was amazing, and the rides and coaster were just amazing and well maintained. Wildwater Kingdom was also great as it had a huge selection of water slides and attractions. I would definitely recommend Dorney Park to anyone who is interested in amusement parks or roller coasters. Let's just say it was definitely worth the 9 hour drive for a two day visit.