Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Scott And Carol Present - Another ZDT Flashback Update

Here is the latest pictures received from ZDT's Amusement Park today. The weather must be improving because the construction pace is picking up.

Switchback has come a long way in the past few weeks! The biggest changes have been in Zone 3 with the initial lift hill and drop. This section now stands at its full height of 63.5 feet

This will be the second highest part of the ride, after the spike at the tail end of the ride in Zone 2. 

The structure in Zone 1 is near completion, and should start receiving track in a few weeks. 

The over banked turn looks to make for an exciting ride! The tight radius should make for some intense lateral forces,

Zone 2 will be final area in which we will be erecting the ride's structure. This zone is made up of the area where the track goes underneath the awning of the building, and also the zone that contains the final spike at the end of the ride. 

The foundation in the zone was completed recently, and looking at the concrete network you can imagine where the track will be running through based on the pattern in the picture. We should start seeing more progress in Zone 2 in the next couple of weeks.