Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Battlestar Galactica Reopens at Universal Studios Singapore

© Universal Studios Singapore
After being closed for a large part of the five years since the park's opening, the dueling Battlestar Galactica roller coasters at Universal Studios Singapore have reopened as of May 27th.

The coasters, which are advertised as the tallest dueling roller coasters in the world, have had problems with the design and structure of the ride trains since inception.  During the latest and longest closure, the rides trains were changed from four across seating to two across seating.

The coasters were designed by Vekoma, and the red Human track is a sit-down coaster that features no inversions, while the blue Cylon track is an inverted ride with several inversions.  The rides both utilize a LSM boost up their respective first hills instead of a chain lift, and then interact with one another through simulated 'close calls' throughout the ride.

The park has released this footage showing the new two across trains in action.  Since the track was designed to support wider trains the new ones look a bit tiny as they go, but at least the ride has been able to open again.

The park has shared some additional photos of the ride in action on this blog, and Dejiki has posted a not-to-miss four part series on the ride's reopening at this link.