Monday, June 22, 2015

Large Expansion Planned at Quassy Amusement Park in 2016 + 2017

Quassy Amusement Park has announced an exciting expansion plan that will take place both next year and in 2017.  The focus on the expansion will take place in the park's water area, Splash Away Bay where the number of water slides will be doubled.

The park also plans to add several new buildings and replace some of the older rides with newer models - in all there will be $6 million spent over the next two years.

© Quassy Amusement Park
First up in 2016 will be Slide City, the five children's slides seen above that will be built adjacent to Saturation Station.  All the slides in the expansion, including these, will be provided by Proslide.  Slide City will consist of two serpentine slides called KIDZ Twisters, a two-person ProRacer, KIDZ Bowl 14 and a KIDZ MiniRiver.  Four of the slides will end in shallow troughs while the bowl unit will gently send riders along the wall of a circular-shaped landing prior to exiting.

© Quassy Amusement Park
Projected for a 2017 grand opening, a tower of much larger and more thrilling slides will be added to the water park, the layout of which can be seen above.  The yellow slide is a TantrumTWIST, which "flushes riders up the TANTRUM walls, oscillates each tube multiple times and generates a suspended-weightlessness sensation."  The red and green slides feature quick elevation changes and tight turns that will thrill sliders.

On top of the expanded Splash Away Bay, Quassy is also making other changes.  A new two story building will go up near the Grand Carousel which will feature authentic taffy pulling along with other candies and treats.  The park has purchased equipment that dates back to 1915 in order to provide authentic operations.  The top part of the building is planned to have a human resources office and training space.

Back in the water area the new Splash Away Bay Cafe will be opened, along with a large deck area with seating that overlooks the lake.  The food operation will keep water park goers happy during the day, and add needed capacity to the park.

Finally, a new maintenance building will go up to support the park's growth, and in time older rides will be replaced with newer versions.  Sounds like a lot of great plans at the park, if you haven't ever been make sure to add Quassy to your list.