Sunday, June 7, 2015

New WhiteWater Attractions Designed Flume Opens at Calaway Park

© WhiteWater Attractions
Located in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Calaway Park has opened a brand new log flume designed by WhiteWater Attractions - the Timber Falls Log Flume.  The ride is a major new attraction for the park, and begins with riders moving through the themed queue and three interactive buildings - all a part of the Timber Falls Sawmill experience.

To help keep the line for the attraction moving, the park decided to go with a conveyor belt loading system, with the logs in perpetual motion.

© WhiteWater Attractions
A trip down the river on the flume includes three separate high-speed drops, a zig-zag river section, and "two themed timber shacks."  WhiteWater Attractions has also made some design improvements to the ride's boats, allowing for a more comfortable ride experience.

“We are excited to bring Timber Falls to our guests. Being our first themed ride, not only does it thrill our guests with high velocity drops, it interacts with them in the entertaining, fast moving queue line. Timber Falls is a game changer; it aligns with the overall growth plan for the park,” comments Bob Williams, General Manager, Calaway Park.

© WhiteWater Attractions
Wanting to keep things interesting for non-riders, Calaway Park added two different water cannons that - if timed just right - can soak passengers on the flume.  The ride will also re-purpose 95% of the water it uses, a 'green' effort of which the park is known for.

WhiteWater Attractions is the combination of Hopkins Rides and Prime Interactives, two 'dry' segments of the larger company.  I love log flumes and am so happy to see a new one going up, even if in Canada.  There are some parks that have removed their older log flumes, so I hope they take notice to this instillation!