Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lagoon's Cannibal Takes First Riders After Delay + Opening Soon?

© Lagoon
One of 2015's most anticipated rides, Cannibal at Lagoon amusement park has yet to open as we head toward the end of June.  The park has had to take on several rumors about the custom designed roller coaster, everything from a test dummy that flew off the ride (false) to fire code issues with the enclosed lift structure (also false).

This article details these issues and clarifies the challenges that come with a massive, custom designed ride like Cannibal.  Some of the actual delays are due to custom parts being manufactured on other continents, with added time for the parts to ship according to the story.

Just today Lagoon was testing Cannibal with live riders, including the park's dedicated maintenance staff (above) and also yesterday members of the Farmington City Council took a spin.  This story has some video of the coaster testing with riders.  Best of all, the article notes that the park feels the coaster will open soon, even possibly within a week's time!

Cannibal stands 208 feet tall and features a 116 degree beyond vertical first drop that rockets the cars at 70 miles per hour.  The rest of the layout includes several inversions tucked amid some beautiful exotic theming that Lagoon created.  The testing videos show the cars keeping their speed, even after a mid-course block brake, adding to the anticipation of Cannibal's opening.


Unknown said...

Cannibal is open now. I rode it twice yesterday. It was glorious!!!

Unknown said...

POV video https://youtu.be/G2FUkVKLBLE