Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tax Break Could Mean $1 Billion Expansion of the Disneyland Resort

© Disney
Back in 1996 the city of Anaheim agreed to not apply any sort of tax on admission tickets to the parks at the Disneyland Resort as a part of the deal to get California Adventure built.  That deal expires next year, so the resort has proposed a $1 billion expansion plan that would be contingent on no admission taxes being applied to the parks for another 30 years.

No details of what would be added to Disneyland or Disney California Adventure were mentioned, though a 5000 space parking garage built near the parks and traffic improvements would be a part of the expansion.

Disney points to the thousands of jobs the expansion would create, and the millions in peripheral revenues the city would see from additional visitors as reason for the tax exemption to be granted.

© Disney
The city will hold an public forum to address the proposal on July 7th, though three of the city's council members have already publicly said that they are in favor of the plan, a quick majority vote gained for Disney.

If the plan moves forward, there are plenty of places in both theme parks for new attractions to sprout up.  This article takes a look at many of them, and ranks their likelihood.   It is no secret that Disney wants to get Star Wars into their parks in a big way, and most believe plans have been underway for just that.  We can't forget that Disney also owns Marvel, which could make a big impact in the California market.  Of course, there's numerous other movie franchises to lean upon as well, cough Frozen cough.

The recent rounds of expansions and the total makeover of Disney California Adventure has been quite a home run for the resort - I personally can't wait to see what's next in line!