Friday, June 12, 2015

Scott And Carol Present - The Justice League Battle for Metropolis at Six Flags St Louis

Dave, Vice President and General Manager of Six Flags Saint Louis had lots of backup for the ride opening. What a great group of new friends to have for the guests in the park, and how intimidating it must be for Dave to have them looking over his shoulder.

A nicely done opening ceremony kicks off the festivities

Batman and Superman issued a call for recruits, and as you can see from the previous video, they appeared in droves.

Dave is very excited about his new ride, and it represents the third iteration of a Sally dark ride at Six Flags Saint Louis.

And the recruits kept coming and coming, with may opting for multiple re-rides. One of the nice features about and interactive ride like  Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, is that the experience changes as the targets are destroyed so each ride is different. The scoring option allows for bragging rights, which leads to more rides for additional chances for riders to improve their scores

Donna, Project Manager, and John. President, both from Sally Corporation, talk about their newest attraction. John gives a synopsis of the evolution of dark rides in regional parks, and how they overcame the challenges along the way. This is a must for any dark ride fan, and it is a tribute to the team at Sally, and their persistence of vision. And Donna makes the understatement of the day, "It's just fun."

Guests are greeted by this Cyborg when they enter the loading room.

Rich, from Sally who we met at IAPPA, was happy to talk about the ride and Martin, from Oceaneering explained about the new ride vehicle and the challenges they create. One of the features is the way the vehicles tilt, which makes the virtual loop possible. 

Does anyone else see similarity between Rich's shirt and the Joker's jacket? Coincidence? We think not!

Here is a great shot of the new ride vehicle that was introduced at IAAPA 2014. Stadium seating, cool looking lasers, 360 spins, and the tilting functions make this a great interactive ride vehicle.

The new ride vehicle is the star of this display in the queue

Here is where riders engage in a battle of wits the Joker.

This is the climatic room of the ride,..

and here is a brief video of the action

Another view of the Chaos Cannon room

The members of the Justice League have the cyborg under control. Our thanks to everyone from Six Flags Saint Louis, Sally, and Oceaneering for their assistance.


We take a ride with Martin and Lauren where they show us who the true gamers are in this car. Be sure to listen to the ride instructions, they are wonderful.