Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thorpe Park to Debut Angry Birds Area in 2014

Squawk!  Thorpe Park Resort is teaming up with Rovio Entertainment to open a new Angry Birds themed section at the park in 2014. 

"Bringing the Angry Birds world alive, Thorpe Park Resort will premiere the world’s first Angry Birds 4D animation experience. This will form the unique centerpiece of a totally new fully themed land at the Surrey based theme park and only 10 miles from Greater London."

The area will contain an new ten minute animated film and 4D experience, developed by Rovio in partnership with 3DBA.  The "fully immersive attraction" will take guests into the world of the birds and pigs, and incorporate in-theater special effects as well as other treats.  The Angry Birds area will include Detonator – the park’s 100 ft drop tower ride - and the ‘Red Bird’ and the ‘Bad Piggies’ will duke it out on a brand new bumper car attraction.  New themed retail and catering offerings will round out the development.

According to Jason Wills, the park's Marketing Director, the property is “hugely excited about bringing Angry Birds to Thorpe Park Resort.  It has fast established itself as a modern day icon of our times, and we can’t wait to see the reaction of families up and down the country. We hope this new collaboration will surprise and delight our visitors as much as any of our world-class coasters.” 

The Angry Birds themed area is planned to open in May, 2014.