Saturday, January 25, 2014

PortAventura Announces New Ride: Angkor - Adventure in the Lost Kingdom

Spain's PortAventura Theme Park has announced the details of a new attraction they've had under construction for some time now.  Named Angkor: Adventure in the Lost Kingdom, the ride will be a giant splash battle created by Mack Rides.

Angkor will be located in the China section of the theme park, adjacent to the Shambhala roller coaster.  The ride is based on the Angkor Wat Cambodian Temple and draws its theme and inspiration from the original Buddhist temple complex and the wild jungles that surround it.

The drawings shown here show the level of detail that is planned for the attraction, which will stretch 300 meters (984 feet) long.  This is large for a splash battle system, and is being billed by PortAventura as the largest of its kind in Europe.

The park's press release describes the trip on the new ride: "visitors will board rafts equipped with water guns to take on the dangers they will face in the jungle  ahead.  Their journey will take them through different areas full of surprises and interactive challenges: mysterious villages, snakes that rise from the river, tigers hidden in caves, monkeys that inhabit ruined temples and magnificent stone elephants.  Passengers can shoot at them with their water jets, or even take aim at other boats and onlookers."

Angkor: Adventure in the Lost Kingdom will give a ten minute trip on board one of 14 different boats.  In total the ride's hourly capacity will be 726.  Plans are for the new attraction to be ready to open with the park on April 11th.