Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dollywood Completes FireChaser Express' Track

© Dollywood
That was really quick!  Just a few days ago Dollywood was sharing photos of FireChaser Express with plenty of track left to be installed, and now today the ride is complete!

The park released the above photo of the final track segment being hoisted into place, marking a major milestone and the ride's progress.  This view also gives us a great look at some of the high-elevation layout, particularly the section that takes place after the traditional lift.  There's more track that sits well above the ground in the background of this photo as well - we haven't seen that up close yet though.

If you look closely at the lower right of the photo you can also see the "100 feet of trick track" that is listed on the ride's official layout.  As the train glides along this section there should be plenty of neat forces for riders to experience - but nothing too thrilling as FireChaser Express is a family coaster, after all.

Now we have testing videos, along with all the theming going into place, to look forward to!  Best of all the coaster will be one of the first to open in 2014 when it debuts in March.