Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Flight Deck Seeing Red at California's Great America's in 2014

© California's Great America
Flight Deck, formerly known as Top Gun, at California's Great America is receive a striking new color scheme for 2014.  The B&M Inverted roller coaster, first opened in 1993, will have bright red track and as yet unknown colored supports when the park reopens this year.

The photo above is direct from the park's Twitter account, and a previous post had indicated that the white we see was just a primer to cover up the old black paint.  Most of Flight Deck's first half is clearly visible from the parking lot that California's Great America will now share with the new 49ers Stadium - so this will help draw a lot of attention to the park I would think.  In fact, one could say that the red being used isn't that dissimilar to the red used in the 49ers logo - perhaps the repaint is a subtle nod to the park's new neighbors!

I look forward to seeing the final support colors, as well as the completed ride - Flight Deck is going to look great when complete!