Monday, January 6, 2014

Falcon's Fury Standing Tall Over Busch Gardens Tampa

Looking at these new photos of the nearly completed Falcon's Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa makes me say, well, wow.  The theme park has lifted all the large sections of the freefall tower into place, leaving only the decorative top piece still to go up.

The updated photos from BGTFans show just how massive the ride appears from around the park - it most definitely can be seen from pretty much everywhere at this point.  At first I was a little iffy about the color scheme, but now that it is in place I will admit that I really like it.  If the cap is yellow as indicated in the above concept art that'll be a wonderful contrast to the blue sections, I think.

With that expensive crane in place I would assume that the park will move quickly to cap off the tower and add the remaining hardware.  Then we will really get the full picture!